Fundi Software is an Australian software product development company. Established in 1982, Fundi is today one of the leading providers of tools for IMS and CICS systems.

Taken from the Zulu language, Fundi means “expert”. The name reflects our desire to be acknowledged for expertise and excellence. Fundi Software is committed to developing superior products recognized for innovation, quality and value.

Fundi Software has established strategic relationships with leading international software vendors including IBM. Through those alliances, Fundi Software delivers Australian software products to the world.

Our Customers

Our customers are many and varied. Spread throughout the world, these customers come from all business sectors and industries:
  • banking and finance,
  • airlines,
  • mining and industry,
  • state and federal governments,
  • retail and manufacturing,
  • hospitality,
  • medical,
  • Fortune 1000 companies; and so on.
The size, scale, and localities are equally varied.

Fundi Software is an IBM development partner, therefore in most instances customer contact is handled via the IBM international marketing and product support network.
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Interesting facts
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  • IBM designed IMS with Rockwell and Caterpillar starting in 1966 for the Apollo program
  • While CICS has its highest profile among financial institutions, over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies are reported to rely on CICS for their core business functions
  • On IBM System z servers, CICS easily supports thousands of transactions per second, making it a mainstay of enterprise computing
  • IMS is reportedly IBM's highest revenue software product, and it continues to grow
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More Information
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