Environmental Policy

Conserving natural resources and protecting the health of our planet.

As a service provider, Fundi has a low impact on the environment.  We are sensitive to the environment and try to reduce any harmful effects our activities, while protecting the safety and wellbeing of our staff.

Our environmental initiatives focus on four areas:

  • Energy use (office and equipment)
  • Business travel
  • Waste management
  • Asset re-use

We try to:

  • Adhere to local and international environmental legislation
  • Increase employee awareness
  • Adopt best practice
  • Monitor usage

We currently have had no environmental fines or penalties of a material nature.  However, if we do incur any in the future we will include them on our website.

Energy use

Energy use is an issue of increasing importance. We want to consume less and reduce our environmental impact.  We take action by:

  • Monitoring of power consumption with the aim of reducing it
  • Our aim is to reduce power consumption by 2% per annum
    • In 2011 we reduced power consumption by just over 1%
  • Advanced energy-saving systems such as automatic switch-off lights, energy-saving computer monitors
  • Use of materials from renewable resources, non-toxic materials and recyclable items

Business Travel

We are taking steps to reduce our travel-related environmental impacts.  We promote:

  • Teleconferencing and other collaborative working tools to limit the number of individual business trips
  • Remote working
  • Flexible working hours
  • Use of public transport

Waste management

We encourage individual responsibility and support recycling initiatives in the following ways:

  • Monitor the purchase of cut sheet paper
  • Our aim is to reduce paper consumption by 2% per annum
  • Provide recycling facilities for paper, printer toners, etc.
  • Encourage double-sided printing and photocopying
  • Use proper disposal of or recycling of IT and electronic equipment in accordance with local legislation
  • Use appropriately licensed organizations to remove special waste (such as defective monitors or neon tubes)
  • Donate IT assets to those who would not otherwise have access

Greenhouse gas emissions

Our goal to reduce Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions is also a 2% reduction per annum, since our power consumption goal and Scope 2 GHG goal are directly linked together.

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