Bribery and Corruption

We have zero tolerance for any form of bribery and corruption. In the event of any instance of bribery or corruption, we would immediately take all necessary corrective actions and report it to the relevant authorities if need be.

Conflict of Interest

Each employee has the duty to act with integrity and in good faith. It is essential that employees do nothing which conflicts with Fundi’s interests or which could be construed as being in conflict with such interests.

Sales Activities

No employee may accept commission from or pay commission to third parties unless expressly authorized to do so by the Managing Director. Any breach of this rule may result in immediate disciplinary sanctions in full compliance with applicable local laws.

Funding of Organizations

All funding of organizations outside Fundi must be authorized by the Board of Directors to ensure that we support only organizations whose ethical rules are aligned with our own. Fundi does not finance political parties.

Business Gifts

Group employees may give and receive appropriate, lawful business gifts in connection with their work with Fundi’s clients, suppliers or business partners provided that all such gifts are nominal in value and are not given or received with the intent or prospect of influencing the recipient’s business decision.

Confidential Information

Fundi has defined standards on the protection of confidential or non-public information. All staff have signed confidentiality agreements.

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