Social and Environmental Policies and Practices

Fundi Software has a set of policies, guidelines and procedures which govern our operation. The policies provide the framework for our day to day working. Our policies contain: 

  • Fundamentals of good behaviour
  • Authorization Processes
  • Human resources policies
  • IT policies
  • Procurement policies including Ethical Purchasing and Supplier Selection
  • Environmental policies
All employees follow these policies as a condition of employment. The policies are reviewed every year and updated to reflect our increased focus on Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability. Our policies are accessible online to all employees.

Our Human Resources manager ensures that:
  • All new staff are inducted
  • Policy updates are provided at company meetings
  • Internal operating processes are consistent with our policies

Fundi processes address the areas that are material to our business, including ensuring that we are compliant with all applicable laws. We have objectives for each process to improve our internal reporting processes and monitor our performance.  Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability performance fits into these processes to deliver value and ensure the sustainability of our business.

The management meeting agenda includes Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

We review power consumption and cut paper purchases on a monthly basis to verify we are in compliance with all of our social and environmental management system requirements.  The results of our monthly reports are made available to all our staff and management including the Managing Director, to review what progress is being made toward reaching all of our social and environmental management system goals.

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