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Jim Martin farewells SHARE

Last Tuesday's session on IMS Connect marked a significant milestone: the last SHARE presentation by Jim Martin after a 50 year career.

Jim's IMS Connect presentation

Jim joined  IBM® in 1967 and started working with IMS™ in 1971, and was, among other roles, a member of the IMS Critical Situation team, called on to investigate and resolve high-impact situations at customer sites.

Leaving IBM after almost 25 years, Jim joined BMC Software where he was a product author for 10 years.

After a brief retirement, Jim joined Fundi Software in 2002 as the company's US Representative and Product Architect. In the latter role he has been deeply involved in the design and development of Fundi's range of IMS tools.

Jim, an IBM Data Champion, is the holder of 12 US Patents on IMS and database-related techniques and has been a regular contributor to several leading publications. Jim has been a regular and popular presenter at a number of IBM and other conferences, including GUIDE and SHARE.

Presentation to Jim Martin by Fundi MD David Mierowsky

Jim's friends and colleagues at Fundi Software would like to congratulate him on his significant contributions to the IBM Information Management community through SHARE over many decades.

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