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Introducing IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS Version 2.3

IBM® IMS™ Configuration Manager for z/OS® (also referred to as IMS Configuration Manager) is a configuration management tool that you can use to analyze IMS parameters.

Easy to set up and use, IMS Configuration Manager automatically builds an inventory of your IMS topology and allows you to instantly drill down into the parameter details for each and every system.

IMS Configuration Manager helps you to achieve the following benefits:

  • Automated mapping of your entire IMS environment.

  • Create a common, consistent configuration across your enterprise by identifying inconsistencies.

  • A better understanding of your parameter configurations across all the IMS systems in your enterprise.

These benefits can be realized by using these product features:

  • Autodiscovery via batch command or via the Common Services Library server. Discover IMSplexes, IMS systems, IMS Connect, Common Service Layer (CSL) components, and parameter configurations.
  • Powerful ISPF-based parameter editor.
  • Eclipse plug-in for z/OS Explorer with intelligent parameter comparison capabilities.
  • History and auditing of changes to parameters.
  • Ability to list parameters based on your IMS topology, showing you which members are active on which systems.
  • Advanced parameter editing support including context sensitive help for members of the IMS PROCLIB data set.
View the product documentation today on the IBM Knowledge Center.
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