IBM® IMS™ Configuration Manager for z/OS® (also referred to as IMS Configuration Manager) is a configuration management tool that you can use to analyze, modify, and deploy IMS resources and parameters.

IMS Configuration Manager makes changing resources and parameters quicker, easier, and more reliable than using DRD or traditional system generation alone. IMS Configuration Manager builds on the dynamic resource definition (DRD) process by combining DRD with the ability to work with resources offline, apply change control processes, and annotate resource definitions.

IMS Configuration Manager consists of the following components:

  • An ISPF dialog for editing resources and parameters.
  • An Eclipse plug-in for z/OS Explorer for managing systems, resources, and parameters across your enterprise.
  • An IMS Configuration Manager repository and batch utilities that help you integrate IMS Configuration Manager into your existing change control practices.

Powerful system and resource management

An IMS Configuration Manager repository is easily established using the following features:

  • The autodiscovery feature, which automatically maps your topology and your resources.
  • Batch utilities and macros which import your resource definitions from live systems, an IMSRSC repository, an RDDS, or from stage 1.


IMS Configuration Manager deskills the process of managing resources. Using online help and resource validation, your changes become safer and if you make a mistake you can easily back it out.


The IMS Configuration Manager installer dynamically evaluates how to best match the state of a live system to the resources in a change request. This includes:
  • Evaluating which resources need to change before deploying those changes to live systems.
  • Dynamically selecting whether to update or create resources.
  • Automatically quiescing some resources, if required.
  • Creating an audit log of all installation activity.
  • Automatically backing out the entire installation if any resources cannot be created, updated, or deleted (optional).

Advanced parameter management

The IMS™ Configuration Manager parameter manager provides the following features:

  • A parameter smart editor complete with context-sensitive help for the IMS PROCLIB data set.
  • Powerful search capabilities to find parameters in any supported member using keywords. For example, identify all members with "DRD" parameters or identify all "IMS V14" parameters, just by entering those terms in a parameter search.
  • Parameter listing based on your IMS topology, showing you which members are active on which systems.
  • Parameter change history.

The IMS™ Configuration Manager Eclipse plug-in provides you with a consolidated view of your systems and IMSplexes, and allows you to edit resource definitions stored in your IMS Configuration Manager repository.

You can use the Eclipse plug-in to compare parameters across multiple systems, list all active parameter members across your enterprise, and export data to external spreadsheet applications for further analysis.

IMS Configuration Manager is branded and distributed internationally by IBM.
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  • Automatically discover and safely import your entire system topology into a secure IMS Configuration Manager repository.
  • Quickly explore your systems, resources, and parameters using either the ISPF dialog or the Eclipse plug-in for z/OS Explorer.
  • Safely install resource changes using the IMS Configuration Manager resource installer.
  • Use intelligent batch commands to integrate IMS Configuration Manager with your existing change control processes.
  • View and edit parameters more efficiently using context-sensitive help. Compare parameter values across systems and identify discrepancies.

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