IBM® IMS™ Problem Investigator for z/OS® is an investigative tool for IMS systems and application programmers that can help you determine the cause of problems and trace the flow of events. It allows interrogation of log files from a variety of sources to help analyze performance problems associated with your IMS system environment.

IMS Problem Investigator formats and presents log data from the following sources, enabling IMS programmers and administrators to navigate, investigate, and analyze records and transactions without requiring an expert understanding of log data structures.

  • IMS Log and IMS Monitor data sets
  • Common Queue Server (CQS) log stream and extracts
  • DB2® and IBM MQ
  • IMS and IMS Connect Transaction Indexes created by IMS Performance Analyzer
  • IMS Connect event data from IMS Connect Extensions journals

IMS Problem Investigator can help you identify why you have a problem on the database side of IMS by providing crucial information such as who or what updated a database, and when the database was updated, and how to reverse the changes. It can also help diagnose performance issues on the transaction management side of IMS by tracking IMS transactions end-to-end through IMS and outside to related systems. By determining transaction times and event latencies, it can help identify bottlenecks.

As part of the IMS Tools Performance and Tuning solution, IMS Problem Investigator complements other IBM tools, including Tivoli® OMEGAMON XE for IMS, IMS Performance Analyzer, and IMS Connect Extensions, by providing enhanced log analysis and reporting.

IMS Problem Investigator is branded and distributed internationally by IBM.

Examine the details of IMS, IMS Connect, and CQS records without requiring the DSECTs;
get a snapshot of transactions; dissect processing times.
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  • Provides powerful problem-solving and diagnostic capabilities through an interactive ISPF dialog and batch report and extract facility
  • Exploits the wealth of information collected about IMS™ and its related subsystems
  • Provides an end-to-end replay of an IMS transaction from a single screen, including DB2 and MQ events
  • Determines transaction times and event latencies to help identify bottlenecks
  • Allows you to define log record formats, and to customize log record analysis and extracts using a REXX command interface
  • Drills down to field level to help pinpoint the cause of problems highlighted in the high-level transaction response time and resource utilization reported by IMS Performance Analyzer
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